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SysML Training Courses and Workshops

CRaG Systems provides a number of on-site (in-house) SysML training courses and workshops in model-based systems engineering (MBSE) for the process control, automotive, nuclear, transport, military and aerospace industries. Each SysML training course teaches the skills required to use the SysML Systems Modelling Language v1.4 as part of a systems engineering discipline including specification, analysis, architecture, design, validation, verification and testing. The courses are aimed at systems engineers, mechanical engineers, control and instrumentation engineers, requirements specifiers, analysts, architects and developers who want to define the structure and behaviour of real-world systems, define or validate the system requirements, create a detailed model or design, develop and test a system from those requirements.

The modelling used is applicable to a wide variety of technologies including mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, software and firmware whether embedded or standard. Students spend a significant amount of time creating multi-dimensional, traceable models of real systems as part of the training using either Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, another SysML modelling tool or on paper. In order to make the exercises relevant to the project in question a customer domain specific model may be created instead of using a supplied case study.

Each of these training courses and workshops is provided as an On-Site (In-House) Course. Each course or workshop also involves the use of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, another modelling tool or paper for exercises and/or model development.

SysML Training Courses
Requirements Definition Analysis Architecture & Design
SysML for Systems Engineering - 4 Days
MBSE with SysML and Enterprise Architect Hands-On Workshop Training Course - 4 Days
SysML and UML for Real-Time Software Systems Development - 5 Days
SysML with Enterprise Architect KickStart Model Development Workshop - N Days
SysML Introduction Training Course - 1 Day

Should the content of the available SysML courses not fit your exact requirements, then CRaG Systems can create a custom course for you. Please either email or call us to discuss your particular needs.

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SysML Training Courses and Workshops